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The Open 60 sailboat O Canada and her all Canadian crew, led by world-renowned sailor Richard Clarke, reunite to race in the Transpacific sailing race from Long Beach, California to Honolulu, Hawaii. The Transpac covers approximately 2225 nautical miles and is famous for fast downwind sailing under spinnaker in the trade winds. It is
apremiere yacht race and draws the world's best sailors. After competing in the Island's Race, the Border Run and finishing first in the Coastal Cup during their California Campaign, Richard and the team are well prepared and eager to take on the fleet in their greatest challenge. With unprecedented coverage, you are taken on the adventure of a lifetime as the team races across the Pacific to Hawaii. Every moment of their life onboard is caught on camera in this extremely intimate look at open ocean racing. Sailing Around the World: The Transpac places you on the boat and makes you feel a part of the action. Drawn in by the team, you are held captive by the majesty of the ocean and set ashore in beautiful Hawaii, a sea of experience in your wake. 


Directed by: Miz Monday

                  The Transpac 
                     Runtime: 52 minutes - Format: HD/SD

                      Narrated by Emmy award winner and legendary sailor Gary Jobson. 

SAILING  Documentary

Aired on The CBC Channel




'Racing Around the World Alone' is the story of the 2008/2009 Vendee Globe race. 30 skippers embark on a quest to be the fastest to sail 27000 miles around the world, non stop, without assistance and alone on 60 foot sailboats. This is one of the most extreme challenges a human being can face. The sailors are alone at sea for months and physical and emotional strength are essential. Growlers (Icebergs), sea mammals, and massive waves are a constant danger. On any day the forces of nature can bring an end to the best sailor's well made plans. They harness the wind, hope for safe passage over the sea and push hard to win. They are a testament to the audacity of the human spirit. On their journey, they will see the world in a way that few ever have the chance to see it. However, as many a sailor knows, the ocean, though beautiful, is powerful and unforgiving. They set out to demonstrate that the human will is up to the greatest of challenges. This is their story. 


Directed by: Miz Monday

                Racing Around The World Alone                      Runtime: 52 minutes - Format: HD/SD

SAILING  Documentary

Aired on The CBC Channel




Bored, home alone and left to their own devices, best friends Josh and Alex look for inspiration to combat the doldrums of suburbia and alleviate the monotony of teenage life.


When Alex impulsively decides to call an escort to the house, excitement abruptly turns to apprehension as the boys quickly find out that what you see isn’t always what you get. Panic is a character driven thriller that shows just how quickly one bad decision can spiral out of control and change the course of your life forever


Miz Monday Films presents: Panic
A short
filmwritten by: Trevor Young
Directed by: Miz Monday




Horror Comedy 

Naked Fury is a blend of horror, gratuitous nudity: think Evil Dead meets Russ Meyer's Super Vixens. This fast‐paced horror/comedy set in the 1970’s will balance dark, artful visuals (think Rocky Horror Picture Show ) with the script's kitschy humor (think Cabin Fever2 / Porky’s) and kinetic, gory violence (think 28 Days Later). 
Two biochemistry students inject a dangerous drug into a group of beautiful foreign exchange students causing the girls to become first aggressively sexual, then savagely violent, and finally...murderously insane. 
The young male protagonists are likable but hapless, and we witness alongside them as they try to control their science experiment gone wrong.

The woman are infused with superhuman powers and are catapulted to all sides of the earth including outer space as snarling packs of bloodthirsty, sexually-starved, she-beast zombie killers. Meant to be an instant cult classic, Naked Fury shares the same elements of horror, sex, and dark humor that made such films as Re‐Animator, Cabin Fever, and The Evil Dead so extraordinarily successful. 


Directed by Ingrid Johansson - Miz Monday
Produced by Sayla Vee de Goede
Written by Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan