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Ingrid J. Monday aka "Miz Monday" is a Photographer and Director based in Toronto and working everywhere.


Miz Monday started her career when she was 18 and living in Europe. Her path began while spending two years assisting multiple well-known filmmakers and photographers internationally in Milan, Italy and Stockholm, Sweden. She was fascinated by the art of photography and film, and learning from experts in the industry was her passion.

Miz Monday quickly gained recognition for her work with an enormous drive as she built an impressive portfolio photographing bands and actors. Some of her celebrity clients include Kit Harrington, Vanilla Ice, Mickey Rourke, Shawn Roberts, Leslie Feist to name a few. Miz Monday started her production studio in Toronto, Canada, to include film, video, commercials, documentaries and photography, where she wears many hats and holds the director role.

Miz spent five years photographing and filming the Canadian sailing team, as they trained and sailed around the world.

Miz thrives when on film sets and loves working with people. She fully understands the requirements of working with a publicist and, at the same time, being a crew member who must maintain a professional approach to a "visibly invisible" position with respect to cast. It is often a delicate balance which culminates from a proactive relationship.

Miz Monday's work has been published in numerous magazines, printed on bus stop ads and aired as CBC documentaries. She has won multiple awards for her work as both a stills photographer and film director.

Miz Monday is passionate about the creative process and the spirit of her client.



                                         For booking inquires contact

                                              Agent Andrew Lynch | Executive Producer
                                         Direct: 647 - 883 - 0364

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