Ingrid Johansson Aka Miz Monday started her career in front of the camera when she was 18 modeling in Europe. She was fascinated by the art and power of photography hence why it quickly became her passion. Miz Monday started her career by assisting photographers internationally and then began working in Italy, shooting for her modeling agency. 


As a photographer, videographer, Miz Monday filled with enthusiasm and positivity quickly gained recognition for her work as she built impressive photography and film portfolio working with clients like L’Oreal, Clinique & Ferrari, to name a few. Working with the more prominent brand names inspired Miz Monday to think bigger and a “bigger picture” was born. Miz Monday moved back to her hometown and started her production studio in Toronto, Canada, to include film, video, commercials, documentaries where she wears many hats and holds the director role.


Miz Monday can capture the essence of a person in front of the camera just as well as she can communicate your vision through film. Her work described as creative and vibrant. Her work has been published as covers as magazines and aired as CBC documentaries. Miz Monday is passionate about the creative process and the spirit of her client. 

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